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About Us

Wigged-Out Productions was formed with musicians in mind. We have decades of experience playing, recording, and accumulating the knowledge that cuts through all the bull. In other words, we're a group that actually cares about what you want. Whether you want to learn to play the guitar, train your ears, learn about live sound re-enforcement equipment, recording techniques or whatever, our aim is to make the best instructional material available to you at the lowest possible prices.

About Our Products

We offer video and audio training courses. All of our courses are produced by us, from beginning to end. We don't market other people's stuff because we think ours is the best. That's the reason why we formed the company in the first place. People told us they couldn't find what they wanted anywhere else at a price they were willing to pay. So, we decided to give it to them.

We host:

Where we provide guitar instructional video training on both DVD and online downloads, and Ear Training in a downloadable audio course in .mp3 format.

Go there and learn all about what's in the courses, and check out the sample videos.

And also;

Where we offer video training courses on Learning Live Sound, and other courses we believe to be the best value around.

Now, of course many other companies offer these claims, so what makes us different? Well, our goal is to actually teach you. We know you are smart enough to know what a good deal is. That's why our websites let you see exactly what you get with our instructional videos and audio courses.

We Save You Money!

We don't spend lots of money for online advertising like many others do. They spend tons driving people to their sites like cattle, only to push the same, overpriced courses on everybody.

And we don't jam our courses full of fluff only to jack up the price. We develop great instruction, keep our costs low and pass those savings on to you. You don't need any special software, either. In our opinion, we deliver the best value in music-related instruction.

Decide for yourself. Browse our sites and get started learning the right way today.

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